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Ceramic & Sculpture
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[ish_headline align=”center” color=”color5″ bottom_margin=”no”]Shortcodes[/ish_headline][ish_headline tag_size=”h4″ align=”center” bottom_margin=”no”]Library of 30+ Shortcodes![/ish_headline][ish_button el_text=”Scroll Down to See More” url=”url:%23next||” align=”center” color=”none” text_color=”color1″ style=”margin-bottom: 0px !important;” global_atts=”yes”][ish_icon icon=”ish-icon-down-open” align=”center” text_color=”color1″ size=”16″ url=”url:%23next||”]
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[ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ color=”color5″ bottom_margin=”no”]Original Content[/ish_headline][ish_headline tag_size=”h4″ bottom_margin=”no”]With these outstanding elements![/ish_headline]
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Create unlimited layout combinations on any page with Inverto’s set of elements . It’s like playing with LEGO. Explore them all below:

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[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-minus” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Row[/ish_headline]

Set the colors, background, parallax effect, top and bottom decorations, full-width and full-height options…

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-align-left” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Text-Block[/ish_headline]

Simple text block for any content with options to change the text color and alignment.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-progress-0″ underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Button[/ish_headline]

Buttons are a must! Call to action links of different sizes, colors, with or without icons…

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-vcard” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Box[/ish_headline]

Add content into colored boxes to better highlight information and make it fit better the overall look.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-ellipsis” bottom_margin=”half”]Divider & Separator[/ish_headline]

Need to make the content breath? Or just separate it with a decent thin line? So be it!

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-strike” bottom_margin=”half”]Text/Icon Separator[/ish_headline]

Thin Separator line with text and icon aligned to the left, center or right will make the content more attractive.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-text-width” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Headline[/ish_headline]

Perfect for headlines of sizes between H1 and H6. Specify the colors, icon, alignment…

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-heart” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]SVG & Fontello Icons[/ish_headline]

Simple vector icons or Square, Circle, Hexagon, etc… shaped with different sizes and colors.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-progress-3″ underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Icon/Button Set[/ish_headline]

Group several Icons or Buttons together and align the whole group not each item individually.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-picture” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Image[/ish_headline]

Use it to add simple image to the content. You can choose between simple and rounded type.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-list-2″ underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]List[/ish_headline]

Need a list of items with a special icon and in a specific color? Well, use the List page element.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-quote-right” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Quote[/ish_headline]

Pre-styled quotation page element. Adjust the alignment, color and text size.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-align-left” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Skills[/ish_headline]

Show your skills in a nice animated skill bar. Specify the colors, style and the percentage of the skill.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-table” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Table & Pricing Tables[/ish_headline]

Use them to display data or prices and features of the products you sell.. Various styling options.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-video” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Media Embed[/ish_headline]

Embedding YouTube or Vimeo video. Twitter post. Flickr image and many other third party elements.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-map” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Google Map[/ish_headline]

Display a map with 1 or several locations. Set their coordinates, zoom, map color, etc…

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-share” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Social Share Bar[/ish_headline]

Display an AddThis share bar with icons of famous social networks. Configure it in Theme Options.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-easel” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Content/Image Slider[/ish_headline]

Make a slider with any type of content inside. Slide/Fade simple images or whole text blocks.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-ellipsis-vert” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Sidebar[/ish_headline]

Display any widgetized sidebar in the content of any section so it perfectly fits the look and feel.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-list-add” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Custom Navigation[/ish_headline]

Need to display a navigation menu somewhere in the content? Use this element to manage it.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-briefcase” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Portfolio[/ish_headline]

Display the latest portfolio items on any page. Choose the Animation, Style, Category, Filter…

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-code-1″ bottom_margin=”half”]Portfolio Links[/ish_headline]

Use this element inside any portfolio item’s page to display the previous and next navigation buttons.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-th” bottom_margin=”half”]Portfolio Categories[/ish_headline]

Use this element inside any portfolio item’s page to display its categories as text, links or buttons.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-picture-1″ underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Gallery[/ish_headline]

Display images as gallery, in masonry layout, or as full-width slideshow or slideshow divided to columns.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-newspaper” bottom_margin=”half”]Post Media[/ish_headline]

Use this element inside any blog post’s page to display its media – image, audio, video, quot, etc..

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-article-alt” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Recent Blog Posts[/ish_headline]

Display the latest blog posts on any page and choose what information to use – title, media, categories…

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-list” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Tabs[/ish_headline]

Add content separated in different tabs. Set the color of the navigation, color of the content, text…

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-align-justify” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Toggle & Accordion[/ish_headline]

Display data in Toggle or Accordion styles. Perfectly suitable for FAQs or other structured data.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-chart-pie-1″ underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Charts[/ish_headline]

Display a nice animated pie chart with Icon or Text inside. Set the size, colors, etc..

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-code” bottom_margin=”half”]Raw HTML & JS[/ish_headline]

Page elements useful when you need to add a piece of code on a specific page only.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-email” bottom_margin=”half”]Contact Form 7[/ish_headline]

Display a Form created with the Contact Form 7 Plugin. Specify all colors o it perfectly fits any page.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-sort-numeric” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Counters[/ish_headline]

Make your content more interesting by displaying animated infographic counters, use icons, change colors, …

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ color=”color5″ icon=”ish-icon-heart” underline_links=”no” bottom_margin=”half”]Iconic Text[/ish_headline]

Want to use simple paragraph decorated with an icon? Not a problem for Iconic Text!

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