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Ceramic & Sculpture
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[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ align=”right” color=”color5″]Vases and Organic Forms[/ish_headline]

Conical oversized vases with strong organic elements and the uninhibited development of form are inspired by the natural colors of Greece. The unique light due to Greece’s geographical location creates bursts of color; red of the summer sunsets, the hues of the Mediterranean Sea at sunrise, the sand and stones at the seashore, the rocks on the islands, the green of the pine trees and the yellow of its pollen. The edges of the forms may be emphatically unfinished, cut and cracked like the volcano in Thira, Santorini.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ align=”right” color=”color5″]HOLLOW  FORMS and FUNCTIONAL VESSELS INSPIRED BY STONES[/ish_headline]

The  concave and convex forms inspired  by the natural colored stones on Greece’s shores, provoke you to envelop it within your hand;  to embrace it, or to immerse yourself inside.

Stone grey, beige tones of sand, wet green stones, terracotta red.

[ish_headline tag_size=”h5″ align=”right” color=”color5″]JARS[/ish_headline]

Large jars inspired by traditional Greek Ceramics.

Keeping in line with the traditional Greek jar shapes, their form and coloring evolves. I often like to emphasize the finishing on the neck giving it dynamism with strong color or texture.

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[ish_quote author=”CONFUCIUS” size=”h3″ color=”color5″]“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”[/ish_quote]

Wilfredo Feliciano, better known as Bio, is also a founding member of Tats Cru “The Mural Kings”, a world famous art collective. Tats Cru was originally known as TAT Cru and was founded in the 1980s by Bio, along with Brim and Mack. Tats Cru’s graffiti art is both commercially and artistically recognized. The current active members within Cru include:

Bio is the tagger name of Wilfredo Feliciano (born 1966). He started painting graffiti on New York City Subway in 1980, and is one of the founding members of the TATS CRU.

The “cru” was formed along with Brim and Mack originally known as T.A.T. Cru. Bio has painted for many major movies and music videos and has exhibited his work throughout the world.

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